About: Steve Smart

IMG_7377I’ve been involved in a broad range of creative disciplines over a number of years, leading to collaborations with artists, performers, scientists and others in a wide range of fields.

My training – back in the early 12th Century it seems now! – has been in science and in art, and I continue to be interested and involved in both.

I work as an information designer. I’m also interested in writing poetry, photography, visual art, and struggling up and down hills.

Skill set:

  • Graphic Design
  • Exhibition Design
  • Course Design and Teaching
  • E-learning Design
  • Video Production
  • Website design & construction
  • Image manipulation
  • Photography
  • Writing


What is Information Design ?

Information on its own and without structure is likely to be just a jumble of words, pictures, movement, sound – basically anything a human being’s senses can absorb and translate into meaning. If you add the word design to the equation, you add purpose and a plan. There’s someone (the designer) trying to create meaning for someone else (the audience).

Human beings have myriad ways of absorbing and understanding information so designers must use numerous tactics and methods to make information meaningful. That’s where information design comes into play. Writing, editing, graphics, and illustration all have their place in the practice of information design as do research and testing of your ideas on potential audiences so you can make sure you’re making the right choices and not just guessing.

Bottom line: all of these elements and tactics working together can help ensure the effective communication of information. Effective communication is the very essence of information design.
Kim Baer
‘Information Design Workbook’