Poster: dying@home


A series of four posters provoking discussion about dying at home for a project considering the experiences of carers through written narratives developed through one-to-one interviews.

At the time the posters were requried, there were not really any suitable images available. Instead graphics were used which drew on simple sihouttes to convey the relationship of the carer and the person who had died.

Thought provoking quotations by writers about dying were used to engage interest in this difficult subject.

In addition to graphic design I also helped in writing a short project abstract for use on the posters…

“We might like to think of death as an intensely personal time. A time for ourselves, our loved ones, those caring for us as our bodies weaken, a time to be somewhere we feel safe and secure. Two thirds of people express a preference that that place should be their own home. Projections estimate that by 2030 only 10% of people living in Britain will do so.

Making it possible for people to spend the end of their lives at home is not easy to achieve. There are many rules surrounding patient management and patient information management that make it difficult for informal carers to have the information they need to provide the required support.

dying@home is a project studying the experience of carers who have supported relatives dying at home. The project aims to narrate both the experiences of carers and their loved ones focussing on how availability or absence of relevant health information affected their experiences. dying@home aims to identify both social and technical issues which affect the sharing of information between formal and informal carers.”

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