Interactives: Field Researcher & Cleverest Primate

field-researcherDeveloped with primate researcher Dr Katie Slocombe (University of York) and artist Cavan Convery.

My roles: interactive author, designer and coordinator.

Two touch screen interactives targeted at young zoo visitors, aimed at developing understanding of the similarities and differences between human and non-human primate behaviour, and to pose the question – ‘Could you handle being a researcher in the wild?’.

The interactives were designed for display on touchscreens located in two primate research centres based in zoos. In addition, the interactives were to be available for uploaded on to the BPS website for later access via the internet, allowing visitors to easily share the link with friends.

The ‘Field Researcher’ interactive was made working with graphic artist Cavan Convery who developed comic strip style artwork used in this piece. This interactive offered the user the chance to progress through a selection of tasks and questions gaining scout style ‘badges’ as they learned more about field research ‘in the wild’. The principle interaction was via a story-illustration style map of the forest, full of intersting things to find out more about.

The ‘Cleverest Primate’ interactive presented a different type of activity, in which the visitor could match themselves against other primates in a series of simple challenges, and then see how their performance stacked up in the end. Along the way the interactive presented several short videos and audio clips demonstrating primate skills and abilities.

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