Sea Symphonies

Recently I’ve been working on graphics and media for an exhibition at Dundee Science Centre about research studying the songs of humpback whales in the South Pacific. The study was undertaken by researchers from the Sea Mammal Research Unit of the University of St Andrews.

It’s fascinating work showing how humpback songs recorded by scientists over a 10 year period have been found not only to travel regularly in a west-to-east pattern over a 10,000km long stretch of the Pacific, but have changed year-on-year as humpback whales learn each new season’s “score” and sing it across the ocean.

The exhibit provides a variety of interactive experiences for visitors to find out about this research, and have fun playing with fragments of whale song.

My work developing graphic designs as part of the exhibition team included designing logos for the exhibition and activities, ‘whale shorthand‘, a large number of graphic panels of varying sizes, including a floor panel, a couple of touchscreen interactive exhibits, video, graphics for a simple jigsaw, various print materials, and of course badges! A lot of varied elements, but great fun to do.

I was so taken with the theme I even wrote a poem!

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